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Development Process

Development Application Process

*Timelines are based on the scope/complexity of a project and the quality of the submission.

Step 0

Preliminary Discussion

1 – 4 Year(s)’
Step 1

OP/Zoning Amendment

1 – 4 Months to Years
Step 2

Site Plan / Subdivision

1 – 4 Months to Years
Step 3

Permit Application/
Building Code Review/
Permit Issuance

1 – 2 Days/Weeks to Months
Step 4

Inspections and /

Duration of Project
Duraiton of Project1 – 2 Days/Weeksto Months’Permit Application/Building Code Review/Permit IssuanceInspections and Compliance1 – 4 Year(s)’1 – 4 Year(s)’1 – 4 Monthsto YearsPlanning ApprovalsPermit ApprovalsReviewUpdatePreliminary DiscussionOP/Zoning AmendmentSite Plan / SubdivisionPermit Completion/Final**Site Plan/Subdivision requirements to be finalized as per agreements.
“Please note this is the estimated duration of your development application process. Actual timelines will vary depending on the scope and complexity of your project.”